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Find the answer to the most commonly asked questions about the lottery.

What is The People's Lottery?

The People's Lottery is a draw which takes place every WEEK. Each ticket gives you the chance of winning one of our fantastic cash prizes. Each entry costs just £2.

Why is Everton in the Community running a weekly lottery?

A lottery is a fun and engaging way for us to raise funds. The lottery is promoted and run to help raise essential funds for Everton in the Community, the beneficiary charity. 60% of the profits from the lottery go to Everton in the Community.

How does the lottery work?

Upon signup you will be allocated a unique 6-digit lottery number consisting of the numbers 0-9 (Example: 032423). Each Saturday a winning 6 digit number is drawn. Winning numbers must be matched in the same order and place that they appear in the winning sequence. Using the sample number above, if the winning number 132523 was drawn, the example number would be a 4-digit winning match (032423)

Can you guarantee the lottery is fair?

Yes, every £2 entry has an equal chance of winning, and the winning numbers are drawn at random.

How are the lottery proceeds used?

Of each £2 subscription received, on average 15% goes to administration and running costs (printing, bank charges, system costs, registration costs and salaries), at least 25% is paid out in prizes and a minimum of 60% is received by the charity to go towards it's good cause work.*

* Figures based on average for 2019

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The winning probabilities are summarised below:

  • Six Number Match 1 in 1,000,000
  • Five Number Match 1 in 18,518
  • Four Number Match 1 in 823
  • Three Number Match 1 in 69

You have a 1 in 63 chance of winning any prize in The People's Lottery.

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be aged 18 or over to enter the lottery.

What can I win?

The weekly jackpot prize is £25,000 - followed by additional prizes of £1,000, £25 and £5. There are also monthly and annual money-can't-buy experiences!

How do I buy entries?

You can buy entries through our website here and setting up a Direct Debit lottery subscription or a one-time debit card or cheque payment, which is the easiest way to ensure you’re entered into the draw each month.

Alternatively, you can telephone us on 0151 319 4070 and we would be happy to send you an entry form.

Why is the price £8.68 per month when paying via Direct Debit?

The monthly cost breakdown of £8.68 for playing the lottery is based on paying £2 per week over a 52-week year. Direct Debits are only collected once monthly. Sometimes there will be five weeks in a month and the additional £0.68p is to build up credit to cover the fifth week on the five-week months.

Can I have more than one entry?

Yes, you can have up to 20 entries per draw. Each £2 entry buys you one ‘chance’ of winning in our lottery. We offer a maximum of 20 entries each week per person in accordance with our commitment to responsible gambling.

Are my entries eligible for Gift Aid?

Unfortunately, we cannot claim Gift Aid on funds raised through the lottery.

Can I choose my own lottery numbers?

These are chosen randomly and will be your numbers for the duration of your membership of our lottery. When you enter the lottery, you will be sent your unique numbers.

How do I know that I'm in the draw?

Within 21 days of registration you will receive a confirmation letter and welcome pack which contains details of your unique lottery number(s) and the date of the first draw your tickets are entered into. You will be entered into the draw when you have monies available and you will continue to be entered into the draw as long as you have monies available against your lottery number.

Is there a delay between registration and entry into the draw?

Following registration, it is necessary to complete a number of administrative processes which include verifying your payment details with your bank, claiming the funds from your bank account and the funds being received.

Why am I sent to another website when making a payment?

When taking payments Everton in the Community use a secure payments system provided by our External Lottery Manager. This ensures your details are taken in a safe and secure manner when you enter the lottery online.

What happens if I lose connection to the internet while entering?

We advise to call our helpline on 0151 319 4039 and we will be able to assist you and confirm whether or not a payment was taken successfully.

How long can I play for?

You can play our lottery for as long as you wish. Following successful payment, you will continue to be entered into the draw as long as you have monies available against your number.

How will I know if I've won a prize?

Once the draw has taken place, winners are notified by post. There is no need to claim your prize as this is sent straight to your address!

I've lost my lottery number(s) - what should I do?

If you would like us to re-send your lottery numbers to you, please CONTACT US.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your membership by calling the Lottery Helpline on 0151 319 4070 or by emailing and we will advise you further.

What are the lottery rules?

The lottery rules are available here. The purpose of these rules is to ensure you are informed about the terms of playing our lottery, and to promote responsible gambling.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling means staying in control of how much time and money we spend on gambling. Responsible gambling means not spending more money or time than we can reasonably afford on gambling activities, keeping in mind all our other responsibilities in life.

I need some advice on the effects on gambling, can you help?

To speak to someone about a potential gambling problem contact the Be Gamble Aware confidential helpline on 0808 8020 133 or visit their website for further information.

How can I make a complaint?

If you have any concerns, please get in touch with us at 0151 319 4070 or and we will endeavour to answer any queries you may have.

Is the lottery legal?

Yes, we operate in compliance with all Gambling Commission (the UK regulatory body concerned with lotteries) requirements and the lottery is administered by a certified External Lottery Manager. For further information please see our RULES page.

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

For questions about the lottery or your lottery membership, please call our Lottery Helpline on 0151 319 4070 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm)

Alternatively you can email us at

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